Thursday, February 12, 2015

Popular Bangle Charm Bracelets Perfect For Valentine's Day!

Alex And Ani Bangle Charm Bracelets are very popular with all age groups of individuals from children to grandmothers!  Alex And Ani empowers individuals to actively create the world in which they want to live.  Each design is positively intended to empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual.

The beauty of each collection is that you are the designer.  Mixing symbolic pieces with your own alchemy makes Ales And Ani completely and uniquely yours.

When we think of Valentine's Day, we conjure up pictures of hearts, cupids, arrows, love symbols many in shades of red, pink and purple.  Well, Alex And Ani have delivered beautiful bangle charm bracelets in sterling silver with all of the Valentine symbols and colors perfect for that special someone on your list.
Following is a list of just a few you might consider as a gift for Valentine's Day, February 14.

Key to My Heart Charm Bangle at a mere $28 promotes the empowerment of Secrets, Love and Soul.
Locks protect one's secrets and desires.  Only the key can unlock these spiritual aspirations unveiling our emotional center.  Wear this charm with the intention of finding the spiritual key within.  Try wearing it with
Cupid's Heart Charm Bangle, Valentine's Beaded Bangle, and Because I Love You Charm Bangle.

Cupid's Heart Charm Bangle priced at a low $38 promotes the empowerment of Love, Joy and Light.
The heart is emblematic of so many things;  love, sorrow, joy, affection, and compassion.  It is a symbol of eternal bonds, desires, and spiritual aspirations.  It is life.  It is Love.  It is our emotional center.  Try wearing it with Open Love Charm Bangle, Valentine's Beaded Bangle, and January Birthstone Charm Bangle.

Whole Heart Charm Bangle channels more of what you're destined for that celebrates the heart.
Our lives are blessed with people who teach us the joys of generosity, selflessness, and wholehearted love.  Inspired by these influential individuals, this charm bangle bracelet celebrates deep connections and kind actions.  Give or wear the Whole Heart Charm Bangle to embrace the power of infinite love in honor of the people who have changed your life.  Try wearing it with July's Birthstone Charm Bangle, Key to My Heart Charm Bangle, and Queen's Crown Charm Bangle.

Because I love You Charm Bangle inspires heartfelt, appreciative connections and is perfect as a gift as the giver makes a strong statement to the recipient stating:  "Inspiring me to live life to the fullest, you are an important piece of my soul.  You give my heart strength and the courage to love without limits.  Thank you for your kindness.  My life has changed for the better because I love you".  Try wearing this charm bangle with Open Love Charm Bangle, Scarlet Luminary Bangle, and Key to My Heart Charm Bangle.

Arthur's Jewelers has a vast collection of dozens of Alex And Ani charm bangles for stacking to wear in groups of three or five bracelets.  Each bangle is expandable ensuring the perfect fit for every wrist.  This completely original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry which is truly customized.  Happy Valentine's Day, available in store only or over the phone. Call Arthur's Jewelers to order yours today, 651-488-0365.

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