Friday, February 13, 2015

Give or Wear These Exciting Alex And Ani Beaded Bangles

Alex And Ani bangles are timeless, limitless and boundless and so easy to stack; they are perfect for your gift giving to yourself and your loved ones for Valentine's Day, February 14

Alex And Ani beaded bangles are chic stackable displays of spectrum in beautiful colors including Valentine themed colors of reds, pinks and shades of purple.  The beaded bangles are the look of now and affordably priced with both daytime and evening looks of equal flair.  They have so many exciting beaded bangles, and here are just a few to mention for you to give or wear for upcoming Valentine's Day:

Alex And Ani's Valentine's Beaded Bangle is timeless, limitless and boundless.  When you and your beloved surrender to love, your hearts are bound in joyful union.  The connection you share deepens with time.  The love between you is infinite, represented by two closed loops that meet in the center, two hearts that become one.  Wear the Valentine's Beaded Expandable Wire Bangle and show off the radiance that only the truest affection can conjure.  Try wearing it with Infinite Love Wrap, Queen's Crown Charm Bangle, and Love Wrap.

Amaranth Glade Beaded Bangle represents growth, potential and balance.  A clearing in the heart of a forest, a glade is symbolic of the open-ended, limitless potential in our lives.  Opportunities present themselves as clearing in the chaos.  Embrace these possibilities with the Expandable Glad Beaded Bangle.
Try wearing it with Padparadscha Energy Charm Bangle and Queen's Crown Charm Bangle.

Cinnamon Sugar Rush Beaded Bangle is youthful, enticing and speaks of marvel.  Indulge your craving for sugar with this bangle, a bold circle of transparent, candy colored beads.  Make a statement and add a splash of color with a style so delightful you can't have just one.  Try wearing it with Claddagh Charm Bangle and Padparadscha Energy Charm Bangle.

Tangerine Artist's Palette Beaded Bangle is whimsical and vivacious.  An artist palette is where an artist's masterpiece begins.  Wear this beaded bangle as you embark on your own creative journey in adding to your stack of Alex And Ani bangles.  A tassel made entirely from delicately linked chains hangs beneath a sweeping row of elegant polished metal beads and two larger brighter tangerine colored beads that complete the look.  Try wearing it with Padparadscha Energy Charm Bangle and Cinnamon Sugar Rush Beaded Bangle.

Cinnamon Sparkles Beaded Bangle is enticing and youthful.  Experience a shower of multi-colored sparks when you wear this Sparkler Beaded Bangle, a style defined by two clusters of colorful crystals.  This expandable beaded bangle is a unique, vibrant new style that will glitter in any setting.  Try wearing it with Cinnamon Carousel Beaded Bangle, Sunrise Valley Wrap and Sunrise Canyon Wrap.

Did you know that Ales And Ani have created Charity By Design, which serves as a unique division focused solely on giving and making the dreams of charitable organizations come true?  Charity By Design empowers non- profit organizations both on a national and local scale.  A portion of proceeds are donated directly to non-profit organizations who strive to enhance to quality of lives on Earth.  The following are just a few of the 41 non-profit organizations to whom they donate:  Special Olympics, National Autism Association, American Cancer Society, American Hear Association, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Toys for Tots to name just a few.

Noteworthy for their symbolic meaning, these new classic beaded bangles are for every jewelry collection with their timeless to trendy, classic to cutting edge styles.  Give or wear these exciting Alex And Ani beaded bangles for Valentine's Day and see the entire Alex And Ani collection at Arthur's Jewelers in Roseville.

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