Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alex And Ani Wrap Bracelets With a Love Theme For Valentine's Day

 Alex And Ani wraps harness the cultural power of change and capabilities of the imagination.  Each wrap is expandable ensuring the perfect fit for every wrist.  This completely original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry which is truly customized.  These fun, love theme wraps, at great value, are for individuals from children to grandmothers; so you'll want to include your sweetheart, wife, mother, sister, daughter, godmother, and grandmother on your list for Valentine's Day shopping.  Following are just a few of the fun wraps you'll want to purchase with a love theme for Valentine's Day, February 14.

Love Wrap expresses optimism, bliss and affection.  Love the greatest virtue, is an eternal gift of limitless blessing.  Love creates positive energy flow that ignites our emotional center with passion, generosity, and affection.  Love illuminates the spirit.  Embrace the powers of your heart and share love openly, for it is our core connections that cultivate happiness.  The Love Wrap is priced at a low $48.  Try wearing it with Infinite Love Wrap and Queen's Crown Charm Bangle for your stacked wrap bracelets with a love theme.

Heart Wrap empowers love, joy and light.  The heart is emblematic of so many thing:  love, sorrow, joy, affection, and compassion.  Love is symbolic of eternal bonds, desire and spiritual aspirations.  Love is life, it is love, it is our emotional center.  Try wearing it with Because I Love You Charm Bangle and the Infinite Love Wrap.   The love theme, Heart Wrap is value priced at just $48.

Infinite Love Wrap priced at $48 represents timeless, limitless and boundless love for the wearer and perfect for your sweetheart, wife and soul mate. When you and your loved one surrender to love, your hearts are bound in joyful union.  The connection you share deepens with time.  The love between you is infinite, represented by two closed loops that meet in the center, two hearts that become one.  Wear the Infinite Love Wrap and show off the radiance that only the truest affection can conjure.  Try wearing the Infinite Love Wrap with the Heart Wrap and the Amethyst Treasure Trove Wrap.

For stacking your love themed wrap bracelets in groups of three and upward, you'll want to add additional Alex And Ani charm bangles and beaded bangles for colors of red, pink and purple associated with love.

You'll find a vast selection of love theme bracelets from Alex And Ani including charm bangles and beaded bangles at Arthur's Jewelers in Roseville.  Happy Valentine's Day shopping with so much selection!

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