Saturday, December 20, 2014


From national advertisements, in-store purchases, and rave reviews, Arthur's is showcasing the hottest, new jewelry items that are poised to be welcomed as a treasured gift.  Our jewelry artisans have revived up designs with unexpected new details and surprises that are both trendsetting today and timeless for tomorrow making them the hottest and most wished for looks of the season.
Rhythm of Love Pendant

The masterwork of artful new appeal is the meticulously crafted Rhythm of Love diamond pendants and earrings that are admired by jewelry connoisseurs and are the hottest most wished for look of the season.   Each and every diamond beats to the rhythm of your heart when wearing it and shines from all the right angles.  The beat goes on to shimmer, sparkle and shine like no other.  It is the only jewelry that is powered by her heartbeat, and it all starts with a touch that sets your  heart in motion.  These earrings and pendants are in such demand that quantities are becoming limited.
These are truly signature diamonds that define your entire look with flash and flicker with your every move.  The thoughtful details of this movement draw the eye to this collection as you fall under the spell of their artful intrigue of fashion-forward designers of superior craftsmanship ability.

Another unapologetic posh  newcomer for every woman's want and wish list is Arthur's Mocha Diamond Jewelry, one of the many treasures we have discovered for you.   The radiant honey-hued glow of the mocha diamonds displays many ranges of the champagne, chocolate color so much in demand.  Many of the pieces come with companion pieces for a timeless allure and splendor.  The palette of spice and chocolate mocha diamonds add a touch of glitter day or night which make them in high demand making them one of the hottest most wished for looks of the season.

 Tacori Jewelry under $500

Another "best seller" by which Arthur's is completely charmed are the Tacori Fashion earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets dictating the icons of style at a smart price.  From office to evening and beyond, their impeccable style will never let you down with their sophisticated pairing of collections in various scintillating colors.  The rave reviews of the glorious pools of blue in their Blue, London Blue and Sky Blue colored collections have won new devotees every day with their remarkable blue hue.  Arthur's is truly finders of keepers with the hottest and most wished for looks for the season.

Last, buy not least, are the new day to day versatility of Alex and Ani charm bracelets.  These fun charm bracelets are winning new devotees every day with their extensive categories and with their superb value.  Women, teen-agers and children alike wearing multiple groupings; they never run out of reasons to wear them.  Because Alex and Ani are so loved and value priced, Arthur's customers are asking for them as stocking stuffers and as an added special gift for any female on their list.  With their universal appeal, this makes Alex and Ani one of the hottest and most wished for looks of the season.

Which ever you purchase, as a feast for the eyes, know your love shines throughout the year and makes spirits bright with one of the above most wished for looks of the season from Arthur's Jewelers.

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