Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Men Are Missing in The Purchase of The Diamond Engagement Ring

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When men purchase items for themselves, they don't think in terms of spending but rather investing.  Men don't want something, they need it; they view money as a means to capture and accumulate things to add more value.  To be certain, when they make a purchase for that collector car, gun, guitar or other expensive "toy", they are thinking of the quality of the item so that it will hold its value or even increase in value in the end.

From collections of stamps, model airplanes, train sets, coins and  electronics, male spending on these purchases is usually reoccurring and tend to come with expensive additions. As the need to be more digitally connected and state of the art continues, his obsession with technology sees him more than willing to pay for high end products.  Every man enjoys a hobby and is willing to pay enormous amounts to enjoy it.  With each purchase to his collection, he is thinking quality and the satisfaction he will receive from owning that particular piece.

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So, too, it is with women.  The diamond engagement ring is more than a symbol to let the world know you are engaged.  This diamond engagement ring is something the woman wears every day, looks at every day, and is on her hand for the world to judge, and judge the world will, whether good or bad.  Men often think in terms of price or "just good enough" when purchasing the diamond for the diamond engagement ring, terms he wouldn't begin to use for his "toys".

Wearing something daily for the rest of your married life should be something of great quality, something you wear with pride, something that brings you great satisfaction.  After all, the women's social network, her family, her fellow employees are all judging her man and how much he values their love and relationship with the purchase of her diamond.engagement ring.  The diamond talks and sends messages out for all to see: does it have scintillation, does it have fire, does it have beautiful color and does it have sparkle that one notices from across the room?  One doesn't get all of these wonderful qualities of a diamond engagement ring when the man is thinking  that will be" good enough" or price is all that matters to me.

Tacori Halo Princess Cut Diamond
Women compare their rings, and when a woman compares her 1 carat diamond to another woman's 1 carat diamond, and one looks bigger than the other, there will be questions to answer, emotions to settle and "fires" to extinguish.  The man who purchased the smaller diameter diamond will have to explain to his bride-to-be that he didn't buy quality; he went for price and "good enough."  Lesser quality diamonds look smaller for the same exact weight than well cut diamonds with excellent cut.  Diamonds with more weight in the bottom aren't cut properly and therefore, look smaller on top of the ring and have little fire and sparkle.

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A quality diamond sends a message every day to the woman wearing that diamond engagement ring that she was cared for enough, loved enough and respected enough to have the very best quality diamond.  She wants the world to know that her man cared enough to give excellent quality, the kind of quality he looks for in his purchases for himself.  A quality diamond gives peace of mind and confidence to meet the world knowing her diamond can be held up against the best.   Remember, size does not equal quality; just because someone has a big diamond doesn't mean they have a beautiful quality diamond.  People sometimes confuse size for quality.  For as little as approximately $10.00 a month for 50 years of marriage is little to pay for a beautiful quality 1 carat diamond.  After all, many people today are spending more than $10.00 a week on their coffee at Starbucks.

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You can find your quality diamond and your engagement ring at Arthur's Jewelers where diamond experts will walk you through the steps of identifying a quality diamond, showing you differences between diamonds and answering your questions until you find your dream diamond, allowing you to bring home the beauty of an intelligent decision from Arthur's.  Know that 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend', just as the song states:  "Men grow cold as girls grow old, and we all lose our charms in the end, but square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don't lose their shape.  Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

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