Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Checklist for Arthur's Jewelers

*  Get your flu vaccination:  Everyone six months old or older should get the annual vaccination.  Age 65 and older:  The high-dose vaccine is almost 25% more effective than the standard dose.  Children ages two to eight should get the nasal spray.

*  Review Medicare Plans:  Medicare plans and prescription drug coverage can be changed from October 15 to December 7.  (800-633-4227)  800-MEDICARE

*  Check Smoke Alarms:  Fire Prevention Week is October 5 to 11.  Install alarms on each level of your home, outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom.  Be sure to test them monthly.

*  Get Ready for Winter:  Fix air leaks in windows and doors.  Clean your gutters.  Check your car battery, heater and tires.

 *  Call Arthur's at 651-488-0365 to Reserve Your Diamond:  Arthur's is excited to offer you an exceptional and personal approach to hand selecting your diamond or diamond stud earrings with your specifications. Carver is traveling to Antwerp,Belgium, the word's diamond capital where 60% of the world's uncut diamonds are cut and polished.  Carver will personally sort through 1,000's of spectacular diamonds to locate the perfect diamond for you, exceeding your desires in quality and value.

By buying directly from Arthur's cutting sources, Carver will have the luxury of selecting from an enormous choice of the world's most beautifully cut diamonds from the world's best cutters, and Carver will personally negotiate the best price for you.

Laser Inscribed with "Antwerp 2014"
Call or make your appointment before October 16th to discuss the diamond you would like Carver to search for you.  With each diamond selected before October 16th, Arthur's will have the cutters laser inscribe "Antwerp 2014" on the girdle of your diamond.

Plus, you could receive your diamond for FREE.  One valued guest, who requests a diamond before October 16th, will win a free diamond up to $5,000.

$5000 Diamond!

Ladies, know how special this diamond will be to commemorate your engagement, that special anniversary, that special birthday or maybe have as an investment diamond for your children or grandchildren.  To have a diamond with "Antwerp 2014" laser inscribed on it is definitely a conversation starter, a status symbol, an envied diamond, a diamond that will grow in value, a story to tell your children and grandchildren and a treasured piece of wearable art!  Call Arthur's, today, and set up your appointment to discuss owning a special diamond through this Luxury Concierge Service.
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