Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do you know what type of Engagement Ring you should wear based on your finger size and length?

Look at your hands.  Is your ring finger longer than your index finger, or vice versa?  Finger lengths have fascinated scientists for a long time.  As early as 1875, researchers knew there was a difference between the sexes.  For many women, the index finger is nearly the same length as the ring finger, while in men the ring finger tends to be longer than the index finger.  On average, a woman's index finger is about 97-98 percent the length of her ring finger.

Petite Engagement Rings

While this may seem trivial, understanding how the design of your engagement ring can affect the overall look of your hand appearance has a huge impact on how flattering your hand appears.   Look at your ring finger.  Notice the amount of space between the base of the finger where the ring would sit and the first knuckle.  Now, look at the space between the middle knuckle at the knuckle at the base of the finger tip.  Do you see a difference in the length of the spaces or are they approximately the same in length?  These lengths will give you great guidance in one of the determining factors in your selection of an engagement ring.

Many small and petite women believe they cannot wear what they consider large engagement rings because of their size.  However, being short, petite or thin has nothing to do with wearing a larger engagement ring.
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What you as a smaller women need to consider is the space length between the base of the finger and the first knuckle.  All that is necessary is for the ring to be able to have enough room width size to sit comfortable in this space.  If your fingers are short in length, you will want to look for a ring that helps flatter your short fingers, one that lengthens your finger while giving you the bigger size you desire.  You will want to look for a ring with a strong vertical appearance versus one with a obvious horizontal look in search for something larger in the overall appearance.

Stepping out of your comfort zone in what you preconceived as your ideal size of an engagement ring of small and petite may take some trying on of the larger vertical style; however, after trying on several larger rings, you will see and feel the difference with special delight to see how much more flattering the larger vertical engagement ring is on your finger.  You may say to yourself that you don't know the difference between a vertical and horizontal fashion design; well, this is where the expert sales associates at Arthur's Jewelers can help you.  The sales associates at Arthur's are trained in helping guide you in choosing the most flattering engagement ring style for your hand.

You'll want to mark your calendars for November 7th and 8th when Arthur's has their Engagement Ring Fair.  You'll be able to meet and speak with designer, Mark Silverstein, and see all his beautiful new fashion designs.You'll get to see the complete line and all the latest in designs from Verragio and Simon G as well as see all the latest fashion trends Arthur's has to offer from all their leading designers.

For all of you small, petite and thin ladies who always had the preconceived idea that you had to wear a petite engagement ring, now, at Arthur's Engagement Ring Fair, you'll be able to step out in confidence to try the larger vertical fashion ring.

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