Friday, October 10, 2014

A New App for Busy Brides

As a new bride, you have many areas of your life to consider as well as trying to juggle multiple projects concerning the wedding, and you can sometimes loose track of what you are to do next. There is now help available for you in a new app called, TODOIST

Todoist is a list-making and task-management app that can be as basic or as powerful as you need it to be. You can create a personal to-do-list, as well.  What is nice about this app is that it is possible to share lists with other people so that you can delegate tasks as projects get complicated or share lists with members of the wedding party for coordinating wedding responsibilities and assignments.

Your lists are available via a web browser, mobile apps, and desktop programs - 13 platforms in all- 
and sync automatically.  Todoist is free, but if you want reminders and other extra features, you'll need to splurge on the $29-a-year premium version.  If you feel there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done, this app can help you.
As you are juggling your busy schedule, don't forget to make time in your new app for looking and purchasing the wedding band for your future husband.  Arthur's has the largest collection of men's wedding bands you'll find anywhere.

Chris Ploof damacus steel, meteorite, and mokume gane wedding bands

You'll find the following wide selection of  metals in wedding bands for men at Arthur's:  white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, diamond, palladium, platinum, damacus steel, meteorite, tungsten carbide and mokume gane.
Men's Wedding Bands

Plus, you will have a huge selection of  over 15 designers in men's wedding bands waiting for you to see.  If you have been looking for men's wedding bands, you know the selection is limited at most jewelry stores; therefore, you will be amazed at the huge selection at Arthur's.

Use your new app, todoist, and schedule a time when you and your fiance can go into Arthur's and look at the wonderful selection of men's wedding bands; you'll be so happy you did!

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