Friday, September 26, 2014

Arthur's Jewelers is Minnesota's Diamond Store

When shopping for a diamond,  you need to shop at Arthur's Jewelers.  Every diamond we purchase is hand-selected by Carver Nogai - Owner.  Arthur's Jewelers diamonds are the most beautiful in the world, because Carver has stricter diamond standards for beauty, brilliance & sparkle. 

All of our hand-selected diamonds are evaluated at the world's most creditable laboratories: The Gemological Institution of America (GIA) and American Gem Society (AGS).  Only a small percentage of diamonds make it through our strict quality control system.  Plus most of our diamonds come with the GemEx Sparkle Guarantee.  This lab report verifies the light performance and the sparkle score of your diamond.

Arthur's Diamond price match guarantee policy will secure your purchase and your peace of mind. Our Price Match Guarantee was instituted to give customers the very best possible price.

We also have the best Diamond Upgrade policy - We will give you the full value that you spent and you only need to spend $1 more.  At Arthur's, you can upgrade your diamond as many times as you desire and watch your diamond grow over the years.

Arthur's Jewelers is Minnesota's Diamond Store!
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