Friday, August 22, 2014

Alex and Ani Fan Favorites - #4 is the Compass Charm Bangle

Top 5 Fan Favorites: Compass Charm Bangle

An instrumental aid, a compass provides guidance and navigation through life’s unexpected twists and turns. Each cardinal direction has a significant meaning. North represents home and infinite possibility. South embodies passion and the present. East signifies new beginnings and the future. West symbolizes emotion and new beginnings. Wear the Compass Charm to guide you in the right direction.

Top 5 Fan Favorites: Friend Charm Bangle
Kicking off the countdown at #5 is the Friend Charm Bangle. It’s easy to see why this bangle has universal appeal with it’s simple message of love. Adorned with the periwinkle flower, which symbolizes camaraderie, the Friend bangle is the perfect gift to show what they mean to you.
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