Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top Verragio Engagement Rings in 2014

Verragio is a designer of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings crafted with utmost attention to detail and quality in New York City.  Here are Arthur's Jewelers top Verragio engagement rings.  Most of the rings can be custom made to fit any center diamond.  All of the rings are available in Platinum, 18k white gold and 14k white gold.  

The top engagement rings are arranged by collection; Venetian, Parisian, Couture, Insignia and our top selling wedding band.  

Verragio Venetian Collection
 The new Venetian Collection features the elegant scrolling design on the inside of each ring.  There is a vintage appeal to each of these rings.  Charm and delight her with this exceptionally designed diamond engagement rings.

Verragio Venetian 5001P

Verragio Venetian 5003P

Verragio Venetian 5022CU

Verragio Parisian Collection
The Parisian Collection is inspired by a fairy-tale romance.  Every Parisian ring has little symbols of rose gold on these unique engagement ring designs.  This is the most popular collection for Arthur's Jewelers.
Verragio Parisian D100

Verragio Parisian D101
Verragio Parisian D104

Verragio Parisian D106
Verragio Parisian D117
Verragio Couture Collection
There is a vintage appeal in these stunning diamond engagement rings, pictured with five large round diamonds on each side of the band and round pave-set diamonds accenting the Verragio Crown Jewel detail. 

Verragio Couture ENG0410P

Verragio Couture ENG0410R

Verragio Insignia Collection
Insignia Collection has elegant scrolling design on the inside of each ring.  These engagement rings have criss-crossing and interweaving diamonds for the ultimate in elegance. 

Verragio Insignia 7050
This is our most popular engagement ring by Verragio.

Verragio Insignia INS7070

Verragio Wedding Band
Our most popular Verragio wedding band is the Eterna-4017.  This band has criss-crossing and interweaving diamonds that reflects her sophistication and effortless grace.
Verragio Wedding Band Eterna4017

See the entire collection of Verragio Engagment Rings, Wedding Bands and Men's Bands at Arthur's Jewelers!

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