Monday, November 4, 2013

An Exclusive Preview - The Tacori Promise Bracelet!

Now available at Arthur's Jewelers the Tacori Promise Bracelet.  Available in all Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or Two Tone.  

Made of intertwining silver and yellow gold, the Promise bracelet represents two unique individuals uniting through a Promise. Three gold overlays in the Promise bracelet provides a bridge for each of the three silver openings and signifies the three pillars of a relationship: love, support, and respect, the aspects of a relationship which lead to security and affirmation in a loving promise.

Once the Promise bracelet is fastened, only the key holder can unlock the Promise.
A delicate connection chain on the Promise bracelet links both parts of the bracelet and symbolizes that the bracelet is always connected.
All Sterling Silver Bracelet: SB177-M retails for $690

All Rose Gold Bracelet: SB177P-M retails for $5990

All Yellow Gold Bracelet: SB177Y-M retails for $5990

Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Bracelet: SB178P-M retails for $2390
Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold Bracelet: SB178Y-M retails for $2390

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