Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New "Eros" Collection by Mark Silverstein

The Eros Collection

Mark Silverstein Imagines is thrilled to debut our newly designed 

engagement ring collection, EROS.

After being inspired by his close friend Amy and her love for the 

symbol infinity, he sculpted his vision into one continuous ring. 

Soon that single continuous band enwrapped the finger with 

multiple strands of gold and diamonds creating an illusion that 

projects the sophisticated simplicity that Mark’s designs embody.

This collection is unlike any other design on the market, as it

creates the look of multiple bands overlapping each other that were 

shaped from one continuous strand…endless.

The eternal nature of each ring reflects the infinite relations we 

have in life. When two people touch, even for the slightest 

moment, a never-ending connection is created, often 

subconsciously. While these connections may be forgotten or seem 

unimportant, every connection has an impact on our lives. 

Therefore, Eros, the eternal God of Love, was meaningfully 

selected to honor this collection. This collection includes 

engagement rings and a universal wedding band. Each piece 

combines sparkling diamonds with a variety of metals offered, 

including gold, Platinum, or any two-toned combination you may 


For more information please contact Arthur’s Jewelers at 

651.488.0365 or visit us at www.arthursjewelers.com  

Enjoy!  - Mark Silverstein

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