Saturday, February 4, 2012

Who is Paul Tacorian?

Paul Tacorian
Getting to know the designer behind Tacori engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry.

 1.    What collection is you’re most popular? 
Our most popular collection is of course our Classic Crescent Silhouette Collection.  It is iconic Tacori, it is Classic and timeless.  

Classic Crescent Silhouette Collection

 2.    What is your favorite ring?
My Favorite ring is the one Haig Tacorian and I designed for my wife before we were married almost two years ago.  It is from our Classic Crescent Collection, but with some additional touches like the Double Bloom on the crown and amazing windows of light on the inner face of the ring to guarantee amazing sparkle from the center stone.
Natalie Tacorian's Ring 

3.    Are you married?  I IS...

4.    If so, how did you propose? 
We were on a train from Los Angeles up to wine country and we have a private car when I pulled out an old journal.  I use to write short stories about our first maybe 20 dates...we started reading the stories and reminiscing of the days when we first met.  After reading all the stories, I told her I wanted to write a new one about the trip we were on, so she could read it back to the end of the story I asked her to marry me.  She of course was totally surprised and said yes.  

5.    Where did you get married?  
We went on a trip, just to two of us to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  We were married in a little town called Ravello up on top of the mountain...
Ravello, Italy

6.    What is your favorite diamond shape?  
I love round diamonds...they have the best bling...

7.    What is the most romantic proposal you have ever heard?  
Easy, MINE

8.    What is your favorite metal?  Gold, Platinum, Palladium
 Platinum is by far the best...It looks better and feels better in platinum!

9.    What is your favorite type of music?  
I love the 80's...yes I know I am old.  I love house music too.

10.  What is your favorite movie?  Forest Gump....

11.  Where do you get your inspiration?  
We are inspired by everyone around us.  Everyone at Tacori is constantly pushing themselves and each other to take everything we do to the next level and create the most amazing rings in the world.  

12.  Today what is your favorite website or app?  
Don’t have a favorite actually...

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by Amy Nogai 
February 4th, 2012