Friday, January 27, 2012

A rose that lasts forever...

Do you want a rose that lasts forever?

Gold Dipped  Roses

Give a Gold Rose for Valentine's Day!

Flowers are on the top ten lists of women's favorite gifts and are the most romantic.  A wife or girlfriend will prefer the gift of the rose above any other flower.  Roses convey your feelings, but last only a short time.
Is there something better than a withering rose?  We have taken this gift and made it one that will forever say what you need it to.  Dipped in 24K gold, gold roses will be unchanging in their message.   24K gold roses are the answer to the question of what gift to choose for wife, girlfriend, or mother.  Gold roses consistently please on the highest level of romance, while still being an appropriate expression of gratitude.  Gold roses can communicate intangible feelings in a tangible way and speak the language that is understood by anyone who receives them.  These gold roses are grown and handpicked at the height of their beauty and are strengthened through a unique process before being dipped in 24K gold.

Shipping for Gold Roses is $10.00